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  Retained and Executive Search  

Retained & Executive Search

This method is both our and many of our client partners’ preferred choice - it allows us to invest the time and resources to ensure we deliver an outstanding candidate shortlist to our clients and within a

short timescale. It doesn’t cost more and it’s guaranteed to deliver our clients the best talent on the market.

Many of ChilliFrog’s long-standing client partners prefer to retain us in order to engage our focus and guaranteed dedication to fill roles to their satisfaction.

Under this arrangement our clients make a financial commitment to ChilliFrog by way of a “deposit” and we work with our client in true business partnership.

In return for this financial commitment, ChilliFrog invests significant resources to ensure that we identify, professionally contact, fully qualify and sell our client’s opportunity to the very best talent in the market. Candidates are then shortlisted against a variety of stringent criteria and introduced to our client.

Usually once our clients have accepted the shortlisted candidates, ChilliFrog would then be paid a second stage fee. The final portion of the fee is payable once the appropriate candidate has been offered the position and subsequently commences employment.


Why use ChilliFrog for Retained or Executive Search appointments?

Our network: Today virtually everyone can boast a large network; LinkedIn and other social media allow people to contact vast numbers of people. But most are simply that – ‘virtual contacts’. Contrast that with ChilliFrog’s aggregated network. It has been built over more than 45 years and comprises hundreds of thousands of IT and engineering industry specific people.

More important than the number is the fact that these are all people we have spoken with. We have built rapport, trust and credibility. So they know through experience that a call from ChilliFrog is always one worth taking.

Our experience: Over the last 8 years the team at ChilliFrog has helped clients to build very successful operations. We have worked with scores of highly successful innovative software and engineering companies from start-ups to blue-chip companies.

Our approach: We do it right and do it fast. We are highly competitive, focused and driven people with a clear client-centric approach. We never forget that your success and our success are inextricably linked. They depend on us all sharing the same values.

Our knowledge: Our knowledge of the space and recruitment is second to none. We talk to an average of over 100 prospective candidates per assignment – meaning that we:

  • Have spoken with many thousands of people in our sector

  • Continue to build our knowledge through them (and a myriad of other sources).

Our delivery: Unlike many international search firms, we are able to complete fast searches at all levels. We will typically deliver a shortlist within three weeks of instruction. It will include a fully comprehensive and exhaustive search of the appropriate sector.

Our integrity: ChilliFrog’s attitude to integrity is uncompromising. We are always honest, transparent and ethical.

Our value: Our service and delivery cannot be bettered. Our fees are highly competitive and we go the extra mile – for no extra cost.

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