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  Recruitment Management   

Specialists in Recruitment Management 

Outsourcing,  Recruitment Process Management  (RPO), Talent Acquisition or Supplier Management is a growing service across the recruitment market and one that ChilliFrog has been involved in since 1999.  


In simple terms, we provide a bespoke turnkey recruitment solution that reduces the burden on your line managers and HR department. 


Focus on cost savings, improve time to hire, increase direct hires, build direct sourcing channels, remove reliance on recruitment agencies, develop your recruitment brand and establish your own candidate streams.  


Boost recruitment activity to cater for growth spurts and turn off when demands have been met.  


Faith is needed in an external partner to deliver your message to candidates and handle your recruitment process but having been retained by one customer for 12 years, ChilliFrog feels confident it can deliver beyond your expectations.

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