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Competitive advantage and business growth depends on having the best people on board. That means the race to attract, recruit and retain professional talent is fierce.

ChilliFrog offers permanent recruitment services that provides everything possible to find the very best talent for your business. At ChilliFrog, we understand that no two hires are the same; potential employees can be difficult to find, depending on how niche their skills and experience need to be, based on the role requirements.

Utilising both our meticulous consultative approach and our deep expertise in recruiting across the technology and engineering sectors, ChilliFrog can identify professionals for your permanent job opportunities at every level – individuals who not only have the right skills and experience for the role, but who share your vision too.

ChilliFrog can improve the quality of your business' workforce and productivity whilst generating improved business results for the long-term.

We have over 45 years’ experience in technology and engineering recruitment, meaning we’ve developed the best candidate search and attraction methodologies to help us find the best talent quickly and on a global scale. Your business will receive a service covering every possible source to find the right talent for your company - our talent pool of fully qualified and pre-referenced candidates derives from proactive headhunting, our established candidate networks, a multitude of CV databases, social media & business networking platforms and extensive online advertising.

As far as terms of business are concerned, our clients who choose our contingency recruitment option simply pay us shortly after the candidate we deliver to their business commences employment.

Permanent Recruitment

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  Permanent Recruitment    

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