About Marcus

I kicked off my recruitment career back in 1994, when we shared a desktop PC, used card files as a database system, received and submitted CVs using the Royal Mail.  Mobile phones and email weren't  even heard of (in a general commercial sense) and Cobol CICS DB2 was the most sought after skill set.  I'm a bit of a geek, so the rapidly developing technology market has always captured my interest and stimulated my recruitment career.


I've covered most functions as I've progressed through my career from;  resourcer to recruitment director, contingency agency -permanent and contract, Onsite & Offsite Recruitment Management (RPO)  and now founder of ChilliFrog.   Through all of these roles, I've always enjoyed recruitment!  Sure,  reading through 100 cvs can get a little tedious but finding the right ones and then helping those candidates find their next career move is rewarding. Filling a position obviously gives a financial reward and relieves the pressure on a line manager but seeing that candidate doing well in their job 3 years later and hearing from the manager that the candidate has made a solid contribution to the company makes it all worthwhile.   


Recruitment can be as simple as the Right Candidate + the Right Job = Good Employee but the complexities behind each project vary considerably.  I've hired my own staff and luckily only seen redundancies once, so I understand how recruitment affects the prosperity of a company.  In all my recruitment activity, I look at not just filling the immediate requirement but look at the longer term prospects as well.


At a more personal level, I'm a family man with a menagerie of animals, so apologies now if you hear the dogs barking, I work from my home office, so they're normally around. I love my SUP surfing (Stand Up Paddleboard) and Mountain Biking and I am a voluntary operational rescue member with Mountain Rescue in the Western Brecon Beacons (Western Beacons Mountain Rescue Team) so spend a lot of my time out on the hills of Wales.



I look forward to speaking to you.